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Frigorífico Forres-Beltrán S.A.

Founded from exclusively domestic capitals, as part of the provincial system of industrial promotion and development in Santiago del Estero, our establishment generates more than 370 permanent job positions in a direct manner.

In the Northwest region, and mainly in this province, cattle are raised in natural fields, and then reared in implanted pastures.

The province of Santiago del Estero has a stock of more than 1,500,000 heads of cattle and is one of the provinces with the strongest livestock growth in the sector in recent years.

In the area where the meat processing plant is located, various livestock undertakings have been developed, both for breeding and fattening.

The Northwest area combines food, health and genetics to produce excellent steers for export purposes.


Frigorífico Forres-Beltrán S.A. has a clear concern for taking care of the environment and minimizing pollution. That is why it has an effluent treatment system with the highest efficiency and technology, using bacteriological reactors with activated sludge that transform their effluents into waters with a very low content of BOD and COD, allowing it to be largely reusable.

The rational use of electric power and measured water consumption are part of our daily work; by doing so, sustainability aims at well-being, without harming our ecosystem and its resources, given the dependence on them.