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In our establishment, we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers by ensuring the quality and safety of our products as a premise. To do this, we have implemented a management system which was designed under a certification scheme by the GFSI. Obtaining the certification of the global food safety standard BRC shows the level of competence with regard to hygiene, food safety and quality systems of our meat processing plant, in addition to a plan of continuous training for our personnel aimed at achieving greater efficiency of human capital.

In addition, we have a HACCP plan that has been stabilized over time and allows us to obtain healthy and safe food free of allergenic substances. This plan, in turn, is based on a pathogen reduction program that allows us to maintain a microbiological profile of the processes under control.



The selection and care of our raw materials is a key process to achieve compliance with the commercial standards of the destinations to which we export; because of this, we have a solid program for evaluating and monitoring suppliers according to parameters established by our quality department. In addition, rigorous control over the humanitarian management of the farm is implemented under the guidelines of a certified animal welfare program.

Frigorífico Forres-Beltrán S.A. is a member of the Beltrán Group.

It is made up of companies with experience and strong operations in the meat sector, and with a total of 1,500 direct employees. This group slaughters more than 500,000 heads of cattle per year.